Yanet Health Science College has assumed responsibility for the development of training courses that are responsive to the standards established by the TVET agency. Since these training courses are designed to provides national guidelines for training, it is Yanet Health College’s intention that they be of the highest quality and be maintained a current and up to date status from the point of view both technical content and instructional strategy.

The reformed Ethiopian TVET-System is an outcome-based system. It utilizes the needs of the labor market and occupational requirements from the world of work as the benchmark and standard for TVET delivery. The requirements from the world of work are analyzed and documented – taking into account international benchmarking – as Ethiopian Occupational Standards (EOS).

In the reformed Ethiopian TVET-System, Curricula and Curriculum Development play an important role with regard to quality driven TVET-Delivery. Curricula help to facilitate the learning process in a way, that learners acquire the set of occupational competencies (skills, knowledge and attitude) required at the working place and defined in the Ethiopian Occupational Standards (EOS). 

TVET-Program Design

1.1.TVET-Program Title: Medical Laboratory Assistance Level III

1.2.TVET-Program Description

The Program is designed to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude of the learners to the standard required by the EOS.  The contents of this program are in line with the Ethiopian Occupational Standard (EOS). Learners who successfully completed the Program will be qualified to work as a Medical Laboratory Assistance with competencies elaborated in the respective EOS. Graduates of the Program will have the required qualification to work in the Health sector in the field of Medical Laboratory.

The prime objective of this training program is to equip the learners with the identified competences specified in the EOS. Graduates are therefore expected to 

in accordance with the performance criteria described in the EOS. 


Admission Requirements

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