hardware and network servicing

Ethiopia has embarked on a process of reforming its TVET-System. Within the policies and strategies of the Ethiopian Government, technology transformation – by using international standards and international best practices as the basis, and, adopting, adapting and verifying them in the Ethiopian context – is a pivotal element. TVET is given an important role with regard to technology transfer. The new paradigm in the outcome-based TVET system is the orientation at the current and anticipated future demand of the economy and the labor market.

The Ethiopia Occupational Standard (EOS) is the core element of the Ethiopian National TVET-Strategy and an important factor within the context of the National TVET-Qualification Framework (NTQF).They are national Ethiopia standards, which define the occupational requirements and expected outcome related to a specific occupation without taking TVET delivery into account.

This document details the mandatory format, sequencing, wording and layout for the Ethiopia Occupational Standard which comprised of Units of Competence.

 A Unit of Competence describes a distinct work activity.  It is documented in a standard format that comprises:

 occupational map providing the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) providers with information andimportantrequirements to consider when designing training programs for this standards and for the individual, a career path


Occupational Standard: Hardware and Network Servicing

Occupational Code: EIS HNS

Level IV 


Level III



Information Technology Support service



Occupational Standard:   Information Technology Support Service

Occupational Code: EIS ITS





 Level I


Admission requrment

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