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Establishment producing belts, belts for men 2019 - Thuy Bich Vinh Long


In this day and age, men's belts are an indispensable product for elegant men to be able to choose a product of good quality, affordable price and also suitable for fashion needs. Each person's job is not easy. Not only is the clothes fixing tool, Belt Buckle is now considered as an absolutely indispensable beauty accessory of any gentleman, just coordinating the appropriate outfit Suite, it will be good. up the beauty that any girl must be passionate about.


Therefore, the need to buy equipment for themselves is not less than 1 waistband, especially beauty needs, which makes buying and selling more and more bustling.


If customers are in need of business for men's fashion products? Need to source wholesale goods? or a place to buy and sell prestige belts and wallets in countless gold options on the current market.Please come with us !! will help you answer the question "where to buy wholesale belts"Because we are a manufacturer of men's belts, wholesale men's belts with all kinds of materials such as: Leather, Smili, PU Leather, in addition we business beautiful belts, is the base of belts in the city. Vinh Long, wallets, backpacks, handbags, bags, school bags for men and women, good prices.


In particular, the main product that we aim to produce belts with low-priced products, popular products for both men and women, some items suitable for students - students, who are in need of a backpack, and above all these are products with extremely comfortable prices, and this is also our slow way.


In addition, we need to receive large quantities if you need to order. Design - Quantity - Printing in braille (suitable for companies who want to shape the brand to bring products to customers) - Materials are easily selected for reference before deciding to create 1 product. fit. However, in case the customer is having a lot of questions, need advice on Buying a leather belt? Choose men's belts? Choose to buy wholesale quality belts like? Or simple punch hole guide? Differentiate the types of belt buckles? Thuy Bich Vinh Long is always ready to advise you to choose your desired men's belts.


Thuy Bich waist belt always creates great experiences for customers to freely choose and buy goods easily. Therefore, constantly improve the quality of service. Maximize the viewing of goods through the Internet environment to serve the taste in using network services such as Facebook, Zalo, Google Map, Google Bussines, Instgram ...We are always proud of being a supplier of cheap belt products to customers. To view more products and to be constantly updated, you can visit the address below.Website:, The product has posted 200 samples of backpacks, travel drums, men's and women's wallets, belt buckles, etc.


Thông tin Xưởng Dây NịtĐịa chỉ: 144/24c đường 14/9 phường 5, thành phố Vĩnh LongDi động: 079.8266.547 ( Thủy ) – 0270.3.820384Kỹ thuật 094.3125.071 ( Ngọc Thắng )– Tư vấn lựa chọn dây nịt– Cách thắt dây nịt– Đặt hàng gia công– Hướng dẫn làm dây nịtBáo giá và gửi mẫu qua Zalo: 079.8266.547Email:
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